Real Estate and Tenancy Law

As landlords, you want to avoid future problems with your tenants. You don't want to experience any unpleasant surprises when renting a property. You want to complete the sale of your property and make a profit. The proper application of real estate law creates the legal certainty you need, and it inspires trust for long-term cooperation. We look after your business and your private interests when you want to rent, let, buy or sell a property - from individual apartments to property development projects to commercial real estate. 


Prudent contract design saves time and money when dealing with commercial real estate, commercial spaces or property developments. We support you in the correct transfer of ownership and advise you in detail on damages and warranty law. We are also there to assist you when you wish to rent or purchase a commercial property.   


Due Diligence for Commercial Properties and Tenement Buildings

An in-depth and careful survey before the purchase of a property protects you from unpleasant surprises. Our risk assessment covers all areas relevant to the properties, clarifies which official permits are needed and which conditions must be fulfilled, examines supply contracts and other property-related contracts and brings clarity about any easement agreements. This way, you can make sure the property is unencumbered and protect your investment in the long run.  

You're always on the safe side when we handle your real estate transaction. We draw up the appropriate contract, ensure the correct transfer of the purchase price through an escrow account and take care of the entry in the land register. We can exclude many risks early on based on our many years of experience and a careful assessment. We are the right people to contact for advice relating to the sale or purchase of real estate or for the completion of a rental contract. Each property is as unique as its owner and deserves individual attention. We'll show you how to sell an apartment with a mortgage and how you can eliminate any obstacles that may prevent the sale.

Our Services Regarding Real Estate and Tenancy Law

  • Drafting of purchase contracts, residential property contracts, rental contracts, lease contracts, building rights agreements, Superädifikats contracts (for temporary edifices on leased land), easement agreements
  • Review of rental and lease contracts for real estate, condominiums, tenement buildings, property development projects, etc.
  • Easements
  • Building rights contracts
  • Proper registration of contracts in the land register (for example the incorporation of property rights, liens, prohibitions on encumbrance and sale, residential rights, easements, deletion of liens, etc.)
  • Escrow service for settlement of purchase contracts
  • Advice on questions of tenancy law
  • Land transaction law
  • Broker law