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Supreme Court decision on voucher cards/value cards (OGH 4 Ob 207/22b)

Created by Mag. Bianca Holzer |
Payment Law , Civil Law

1. Facts of the case 

In the decision 4 Ob 207/22b, the Austrian Supreme Court (OGH) ruled on an action for injunctive…

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Trail maintenance liability despite contractual assumption of liability by a third party (accident on a mountain bike trail)? (OGH 3 Ob 90/23s) (Kopie 1)

Created by Thomas Hörantner, LL.M. |
Civil Law

Facts of the case

The plaintiff fell as a cyclist on a forest road built by the defendant and was seriously injured.…

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Seminar announcement "Payment transactions, payment account, payment services"

Created by Mag. Sylvia Unger |
Banking Law , Payment Law , Business Law , Lecture / Lectures

On 30.11.2023 the professional seminar "Payment transactions, payment services, payment account! Current regulatory and…


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