Employment Law for Companies

We advise Austrian employers on the correct implementation of employment law. We are at your side to draft contracts, advise you on any questions that may arise, and if terminations are challenged. We strive for a quick and satisfactory solution for both parties. Our experience has shown that an objective and transparent information policy at the termination of employment is especially beneficial for those employees who remain at the company. Quickly taking the necessary steps reduces uncertainty among your employees. This doesn't just apply to individual cases; it makes a company economically successful as well as attractive in the long term.


By drafting the required employment contracts and works agreements, we build trust and ensure legal certainty within the company. Generally, the contracts include all relevant agreements on regular working hours, part-time work, flexible working hours, overtime and rest times. We are at your side with prudence and foresight when your company faces operational changes, adapts working conditions and prepares for new demands. We are happy to answer all your questions about termination or dismissals and any associated claims.  


Correct Application of Employment Law and Working Time Law

We frequently deal with issues concerning working time law, its amendments and their effects on existing contracts. We also draft new employment contracts, flexible working hours arrangements, works agreements and amicable terminations of employment. We offer fast, professional advice on any further questions concerning employment law issues. We ensure entrepreneurs' legal protection at the beginning and the end of employment relationships and offer management consulting for topics such as collective agreement classifications, job descriptions, fixed-term employment contracts, non-compete and non-solicitation clauses, severance agreements, occupational health and safety, maternity protection or work-related injuries. You can rely on our experienced and capable team in cases of damage to the employer or court proceedings such as a dismissal being challenged in court.


Our Services Regarding Employment Law

  • Drafting employment contracts, managing director contracts and management board contracts
  • Advice on recruiting and establishing employment relationships
  • Employment law aspects during corporate changes, acquisition and restructuring
  • Drafting works agreements, flexible working hours arrangements and other employment contracts
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Consulting on the correct implementation of working time law
  • Termination agreements for cases of amicable terminations of employment, downsizing, dismissals, redundancies
  • Court proceedings, particularly if termination or dismissal are challenged

Co-author, The Practical Handbook for Works Councils, Praxishandbuch Betriebsratsarbeit, Weka-Verlag, ( https://www.weka.at/ )

Co-author, The Practical Handbook for Working Time Law, Praxishandbuch – Arbeitszeitrecht, Weka-Verlag, ( https://www.weka.at/ )