Civil Litigation / Lawsuits / Debt Recovery

Seeking Solutions before a Trial

Even though a personal offence often accompanies civil law cases, we stay calm and keep a clear head to protect your legitimate interests. We use our skill and assertiveness to seek a swift settlement, which means as little expenditure as possible for you. Our work is characterised by the fact that we always take common sense and practical solutions into account. If a lawsuit cannot be avoided, our high level of legal competence and an emphatic appearance in court will ensure that your rights are asserted.  


We know from experience that in most cases an amicable settlement is preferable to court proceedings. If mediation and arbitration have failed, we will do everything we can to assert your right before the court. As professionals in litigation, we know the value of excellent preparation. We provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the amount in dispute, impending costs and an analysis of the odds. We prepare the available documents and evidence with the utmost care. To best prepare, we work together to find the right trial strategy. Working together gives you an insight into the trial manoeuvres and the opportunity to prepare yourself in detail. We represent and advise you in court through all instances. 



Recovery of Outstanding Receivables

Unpaid invoices from other companies push many enterprises into economic difficulties. We help you quickly recover outstanding debts. If the first steps remain without success, we are at your side starting with the lawsuit (generally dunning actions) all the way to enforcement proceedings (seizure of assets, salary, claim execution, evictions). Unfortunately, it is often necessary to enforce a legally binding ruling with enforcement proceedings after it has been passed. We are committed to ensuring that you not only get your rights on paper but that they are enforced.


Our Services for a Successful Trial

  • Ascertaining the facts
  • Examining the legal situation
  • Risk assessment for legal proceedings
  • Developing strategies for a successful and effective trial
  • Gathering evidence
  • Preparation of clearly structured and meaningful written briefs
  • Preparing for court appearances