Aviation Law

Law firms with comprehensive expertise in aviation law are few and far between in Austria. This isn't surprising, considering that there is significantly less demand for national and international aviation law as compared to other areas of law, and it is highly complex. As a long-standing partner for aviation companies, we can provide you with skilled support in this specialised legal area. Our references include aviation companies that offer helicopter rescue, transport flights and pilot training and want to protect themselves in accordance with aviation law. 


We consult on all aviation law issues and challenges. We ensure smooth and efficient processing of licensing and authorisation procedures. Our entire team has the right expertise to represent you before aviation authorities and to fight any penalty notices. You're in safe hands with us when you purchase your helicopter or aircraft. 


Our Services Regarding Aviation Law

  • Advice on aviation law issues (for example the Austrian Aviation Act - LFG, Air Operator Certificate Regulation - AOCV 2008, Civil Aviation Personnel Licensing Regulation -ZLPV, air traffic regulations, licences, licensing procedures, etc.)
  • Proceedings before the aviation authorities, such as Austro Control (ACG), European Aviation Authority (EASA)
  • Fighting penalty notices in matters of aviation law
  • Purchase contracts for helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts

Our Publications on Aviation Law

Licences in Civil Aviation for Pilots, Technical Staff and Other Aviation Personnel - Short Introduction to Aviation Law,  

Unger/Holzer, Lizenzen in der Zivilluftfahrt für Piloten, technisches Bedienungspersonal und sonstiges Luftfahrtpersonal – Kurzeinführung in das Luftfahrtrecht, Kitzler Verlag (2015)