General Contract Law

General contract law is one of the most critical areas of law for companies and the basis for successful cooperation. We draft contracts according to your individual needs and thereby protect your interests. We know the dangers that lurk in contract law and make sure that contracts are professionally designed. A solid contract helps to enforce rights and to defend against unjustified claims. Eliminating ambiguities helps avoid disputes later on. Careful contract preparation limits liability and helps to prevent lengthy legal disputes. 


With our high level of commercial expertise, we are your ideal partner for successful negotiations. We are known for planning and acting with foresight and efficiency. Thanks to our experience and expertise in the creation of general terms and conditions, we bring additional insights to the negotiating table. 


Our Services Regarding General Contract Law

  • Contract negotiations
  • Drafting of model contracts
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Consulting for breaches of contract
  • Contract drafting and contract review for purchase contracts, rental contracts, leases, work contracts, cooperation agreements, distribution contracts, employment contracts, company law contracts, licence agreements etc.